Easy to Put On and Take Off
The Ratchet Belt is unique in design and style.  From the outside, the belt looks like an ordinary belt with holes.  It has a hard plastic sewn on the inside (5 ½”) that connects to a special device on the inside of the buckle. This style belt is extremely easy to use.  Simply put on your Ratchet Belt, adjust to your desired size using the “ratchet” device and enjoy a comfortable fit with a fabulous look. When you’re ready to take off your Ratchet Belt, simply push the release button on the buckle and pull the belt out.  

The Belt That Fits
The Ratchet Belt has a sleek, classy look on the outside with superior functionality.  This innovative belt is adjustable to fit in-between sizes.  You will never have to punch holes again!  There are 5-1/2” inches to use for adjusting your Ratchet Belt every ¼ inch.  That means you will get a perfect fit every time! 


One Size Fits All
Tired of measuring to find the right size belt?  The
Ratchet Belt is a one-size-fits-all belt!  There are only 2 sizes from which to choose, size 41 or size 48.  A belt should normally be 2 sizes larger than the trouser size.  The smaller size 41 could fit all sizes from 30 to 39 trousers.  The smaller the person, the more excess belt would need to be cut.  The longer size 48 is for the larger men who wear size 40-46 trousers.  Again, the smaller the size, the more excess belt would need to be cut.  There is a swivel on the back of the buckle that will open (similar to military belts).  This allows you to pull the belt out and cut to your desired length, if necessary. 

The Ratchet Belt is available in a selection of unique designs and is crafted with the finest quality materials.  You can purchase your Ratchet Belt in a belt and buckle set, or choose individual belts or buckles. 

Once you’ve tried the Ratchet Belt, you’ll never go back to a regular belt again!
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If you are not completely certain of the correct size, it is recommended that you order a size larger than normal and cut to the desired length.